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5 Ways to Cut the Conflict When Searching for A Rental
Looking for a rental with a spouse, partner, or friend can be an interesting personality exercise. So before you even start hunting, take Trulia’s Buyers-Diggs home personality test to gauge the compatibility of you and your new living partner. This stuff matters: the more you know about yourself, your partner,…
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No 1 Mistake Real Estate Agents Make In Lead Generation
Let’s start this out with a single truth: A lead is the name and contact information for someone who is potentially a future client. That’s it. It’s not something fancy. There are no semantics (although lots of “experts” will make you think so). If you have a single way to…
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When Should You Sell Your Car? CL Auto And Tow
We have already seen how the used market is booming. The lack of credit has made not only more used than new cars sold (to the point that in 2012 Spain imported 200,000 cars) but the second hand market moves as much money as new cars. The cause of this…
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