Leonardo2 (Street Articles Author)

I am Leonardo Domingo, an architect by profession and a family man. My wife is Arceli (cey), my daughter is Inah and my son is Brian.

I have various experience in the field of architecture and have been engage in interior designing and landscape architecture. I do 3d modelling and rendering using 3d studio max and sketchup with the use of vray.

I have been in the internet publication since 2012, had my own piece of website and blog talking about architecture, interior designing, landscape and 3d rendering.

I also got interested with online business, had experienced earning a litle online from different programs, some of them are failures and have seen their website banished instantly after investing small amount of money. Got me so cautious online.

I Just got in with street articles. I wanted to improve my writing skills and share my thoughts about my work experience. I'm also interested in getting connected with different people from all walks of life, exchange views and ideas. Most importantly, I would like to write about my inspiration, the Word of God, and my rich experience walking by faith in God.

The Architecture Of Buildings
Have you ever look at the beautiful structures around you? Observe the buildings. The shapes, the designs and styles will really make you wonder. The Architecture of Buildings are really amazing!. Buildings that are beautifully crafted, makes a sculptural statement and complimenting the skyline. However, the architecture of building is…
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Design A House
Many People think that it is difficult to design a house. Well, let me give you simple steps to help you do your own design. All you have to do is follow the procedure I am going to tell and I think it will be a very good exercise. for…
By:  in  Home Improvement  >  House Plans   Aug 24, 2015  
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Art Of Architectural Illustration
Design presentation is the most integral part in the practice of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. As the saying goes "first impressions last", the architectural illustration is a craft that builds a lasting impression. Ultimately the art of architectural illustration gets the competitive edge for the commissioning of the…
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A Life Of Journey
I was 16 when I started this journey. On the night of December 1984, the word of a preacher keeps pounding in my heart, he was quoting a verse that made me step forward and prayed deeply. This is first time I have decided. A decision no one ever forced…
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Walking By Faith
One night I was walking alone in the alley, dark. It was a long, straight path and all I could clearly see is the end. No obstruction. Made me think how is it walking by faith? Oh yeah, I challenged myself, since nobody was there. I took a deep breath…
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3d Architectural Rendering
Back when I was studying architecture, Rendering or Visual Technology was the most interesting course I ever had. It all started with the introductory course which was the monochromatic rendering under visual technology. The aim of that subject is to help us understand the tonal value and the principles of…
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Using Google Earth Image
Creating a base plan is easier with the aid of google earth image. Google has been constantly updating the images on google earth which is very helpful to architects, urban planners and landscape architects. In presenting a site analysis , as part of the design presentation, the images saved from…
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Google Sketchup Free Download And Learn Google Sketchup
For those of you who like doing sketches and enjoys 3d object, Google Sketchup is the best tool you can use to do this things. Besides you can get the Google Sketchup Free Download and get started. It is easy to learn as if you are just sketching. The pencil…
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Project Feasibility Studies
Being engaged in project planning and development, one has to have a strong background in project feasibility studies. This is the main report presented to the client to back up all project proposals. This is a study based on research with all the data that will support the study and…
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3d Modelling In Sketchup
What is 3D modeling? 3D Modeling is a process of developing a graphical and mathematical representation of a three-dimensional surface of an object. Understanding the principles behind will help you become a good 3D-modeler. How? Drawing an object starts with a point in a surface, the first point becomes your…
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