Levada Pendry (Street Articles Author)

Freelance writer and quilter, living in the Pacific Northwest. Contact: levada.pendry@gmail.com.

A Game Of Rice
What if I told you that you could play a fun game and for each right answer, you could be donating 10 grains of rice to a hungry person? It is true! You can even watch your virtual rice bowl fill up as you rack up correct answers. The rice…
By:  in  Health and Fitness   Feb 29, 2012  
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Ebay Imploding Slowly?
I want to share with you what I noticed about a niche that I have an interest in and knowledge of: quilting. I can't really speak about all of Ebay. I don't go to Ebay much (I am in no way an Ebay expert), and my knowledge of it is…
By:  in  News and Society   Feb 29, 2012  
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Go Ahead - Get It Off Your Mind
Sometimes it just blows off the stress to gripe and get the problem off of your mind. There, it's done and I can stop thinking about it! I can't really recommend you blowing up at a person you are angry with. This is usually counterproductive for you and can irreparably…
By:  in  Relationships   Feb 27, 2012  
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The Big Dummy's Guide To The Internet
"Welcome to the Internet! You're about to start a journey through a unique land without frontiers, a place that is everywhere at once —even though it exists physically only as a series of electrical impulses." says Adam Gaffin, Senior Writer for Network World. How can I find my way thorough…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online   Feb 27, 2012  
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A 365 Day Quilting Challenge
One of the more difficult sewing/quilting skills to learn is called "free motion quilting". In ordinary sewing, a part of the sewing machine called the "feed dogs" sits under the fabric and grabs it with tiny metal "teeth" and pulls the fabric backward as the machine makes the stitch. Free…
By:  in  Womens Interests   Feb 24, 2012  
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Don't Let Them Escape!
Writers LIVE on ideas. Hot ideas, trendy ideas, disturbing and absorbing ideas; they all fuel our writing. As a writer I am constantly having writing ideas pumping through my brain. So how to explain this horrible and common effect... the paralysing condition of sitting before a blank computer screen (fully…
By:  in  Writing and Speaking  >  Writing   Feb 23, 2012  
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