LEWIS FERGUSON (Street Articles Author)

Lewis A. Ferguson is the author of over 40 published Street Articles. Lewis is a veteran middle school and high school art teacher who enjoys inspiring students. Lewis lives in New York City.

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Best Wishes!
Every year 7 billion of these items are sold -- It is a popularly accepted custom to exchange these, and 9 out of 10 households in America purchase them -- women purchase 80 percent of these items, and they come singly or in boxes. These items offer a way to…
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Internet Marketer
Should I or shouldn’t I? … Is it better to become an internet marketer and do all the work myself, or is it better to enlist a professional web-developer to do the work for me -- carrots or peas, carrots or peas. Maybe my indecision is an indicator that I…
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Drawing History
The first known drawings are in the caves of France and Spain. The cave drawings are believed to be 35,000 years old dating from 30,000 to 10,000 B.C. The images were often of animals, drawn with charcoal and ochre. Other known examples of early drawings were carved or scratched onto…
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Mumbo Jumbo?
“Sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo to me” … “It’s just a bunch of hocus-pocus.” If you are a student of metaphysics, you just might be considered a new nut involved in nutty pursuits, according to a lot of people. The study of metaphysics is the study of knowledge that…
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The History Of Greeting Cards
There were greeting cards in existence during ancient times. The history of greeting cards begins with the ancient Chinese who first exchanged cards to celebrate holidays and special occasions. Ancient Egyptians were also known to send greeting cards. They used papyrus scrolls to exchange messages of good will. Papyrus is…
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Shading Techniques Part 2
Shading is all about technique. Is it better to shade from lightest to medium to darkest or from darkest to medium to lightest? That is the question. Which technique stems from fact and which stems from guesswork? You KNOW when you have darkest because there is no paper showing through…
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Bureau Of Better Business
It is a fact that scammers are very, very clever. Unfortunately, being smart about what you do online may not be enough to protect you from them. The good news is that there is an agency you can contact to find out about a company before you hand money over…
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The Internet
Mr. Robert Burkhart is a "teacher-maker" at a huge teachers college in Buffalo, New York. He never heard of the internet -- it hadn't been a reality when I knew him. He is a wonderful teacher, but he has the most incredibly irritating laugh imaginable. His laughter can grate on…
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The Problem With English
They say the English language is one of the most difficult languages to learn – and it is. Take a word like r-e-a-d, for example. It means I am going to read the book, or I have already read the book. It is the same word for both the past…
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Shading Techniques
Shading is your secret weapon when it comes to showing three-dimensionality on a flat surface. There has to be some technique involved if you want that apple you drew to look rounded, plump, and edible. That technique is called shading. Shading magically transforms 2-dimensional objects. Shading is the drawing process…
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