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Long after most seniors have retired, I have moved from Me. to WV. and am starting up in real estate again. I am also starting again with Wealthy Affiliate. This time, I hope both of them take off and further enrich my life with online and offline friends. I have a wealth of education and experience: English teacher, high school counselor, decades of real estate, incredible experiences in hypnosis, Silva Mind Method, NLP, Time Line work, training in coaching: hypnosis and Law of Attraction. I'd rather not mention how many different times I tried to get somewhere on the internet, without success. I have written a few articles and am considered by Ezine Articles to be and expert author and I have an unmonetized website, which I created years ago to slow down Road Rage ( I don't think that worked either. However, with the ultimate faith and belief that I can make miracles happen for people who work with me in real estate, and with as much enthusiasm as I can contain, I look forward to what tomorrow brings. Also I added an article to Street Articles.

Partner for Life—you And Your Subconscious
How Can Your Subconscious Make Your Life Limitless? The subconscious has been with you, as your faithful servant, since the beginning of your life. It takes care of all the automatic functions of your body. You breathe, have a heart beat, digest food, eliminate wastes, open your eyes and see,…
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New at the Job? 10 Secret Steps to Starring With Your Co - workers
New at the Job? 10 Secret Steps to Starring with Your Co-Workers More than any other single item, getting along with your co-workers is what will determine whether the job works for you. It determines how you feel about getting up and driving to work in the morning, how stressful…
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Success May Depend on Understanding the Kinesthetic Feel Of His Language - part 3of 3
No, to reach maximum success does not always require you to merge your ideas with the boss, but it does require you to get a “feeling” for his preferred language and to use it often when talking with him. Assuming that he (or she) has a kinesthetic language preference, you…
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Success May Depend on Hearing It Their Way - - Part 2 Of 3
No, getting a raise does not always require that you agree with the boss, but it does mean that you listen well and hear what he is saying. A nod may not mean that you agree with him, but that you understand what he is saying. In a world where…
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Success May Depend on Seeing It Their Way - - part 1 Of 3
No, getting a promotion does not always require that you agree with the dealmakers one hundred percent of the time, but it does require that you speak their language. Given that there are basically three languages being spoken at any one time in your place of employment, it becomes imperative…
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Suceed More While Working Less And Using the Law Of Attraction
Unless you want to make money slowly by working harder, this is the article for you. The Law of Attraction works whether you want to make more money on your current job or on a job you have not even applied for. Let us assume that you already have developed…
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How to Be More Successful Than Ever And Do It Before You Go to Sleep Tonight
Although it is a given that people tend to think that making more money will require extra effort and is all about working harder and being deprived of time to do what they want to do, they could be wrong. They could be making the idea of finding a new…
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