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Retired after 27 years working as a health and safety professional, I am raising my grandchildren following their mother's untimely loss. I started my working career after a 12 year marriage ended. Employed in the wastewater industry, I figured as long as people were flushing their toilets I would have a job. And of course that was important with five children, ages 3 to 11, to support. While in this industry I learned to operate the heavy equipment used to keep the sewer system flowing to the treatment plants. Early in my employment I became the victim of a workplace accident that resulted in being given the name, "Splash". You can imagine what that name means; a swim with 'brown trout' was not what I had envisioned for myself. That's a whole other story, to be sure!

While working in the safety industry I served as an OSHA Compliance and Training Officer and after 10 years left my government position to join a private industry airline as manager of occupational safety and health. After September 11th, our three man department shrank to one person, me, providing safety for an employee base of 14,000 employees which grew to 30,000 employees following a merger with a legacy airline.

I have operated my own training and consultation business up until the time of my daughter's death. When I lost her my business died too. With her three children needing care the focus had to be their safety and welfare. Living now on a fixed income leaves no room to reach out to others or to have a bit of fun with the kids, like go to the beach, or plan a fun trip for the baby who loves trains. So, now I am developing an online presence that will serve others and perhaps become a source of support to my little family too.

Life has been good, even with my losses. I am joyfully caring for my special needs granddaughter and learning a lot. I am growing much of my own organic vegetables, a new learning curve to augment my food budget and ensure good clean foods are being eaten. But I have to say my passions center around the ocean. I have been a scuba diver since I was 18 years old, that's 43 years ago. WHEW! "-) The ocean grounds me so I love to sit by it to feel its power and rhythm. What glory there is in the creation all around us!!!

WHY Special Needs Advocate Power Is Important
Respectful...Knowledgeable...Firm...Powerful Being able to stand firm, coming from a foundation of knowledge and then respectfully but powerfully advocating for the services and support your special person needs will create light in what can sometimes feel like a dark tunnel. You can get a sense of the darkness by looking at…
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