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I got into genealogy many years ago when I started researching who were my Swedish ancestors. If any of you have any Swedish ancestors, you will know how difficult this can be. And this was WAY before we could use the internet....yes, it was by routine mail....hoping for some kind of answer in a few weeks. You made sure you included a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) to ensure you actually did get something back.

Meanwhile, research has been getting easier and easier. I have spent many hours in a library somewhere or another, going through records in various cities and reading newspapers. I have continued now using the internet of course, and my family tree keeps growing. I have been meeting all my newly discovered relatives. I took a trip to England to meet over 20 relatives there. It was one of the best trips of my life. Besides the fact that I found some great cousins, I was able to see the sites and walk the walk of my ancestors who lived in The Midlands. What an experience!

I have enjoyed doing genealogy so much that I started my own business, Personal Pedigree Genealogy, and have been doing it as a professional genealogist for over 3 years now.

Tips to Find Your Ancestry
If you want to find your ancestry, chances are you are going to need some help. I have to tell you I often sought help to find my ancestry when I first started doing research for my family tree. There is certainly no shame in that. In fact, even after…
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