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Hello Street Article people. I like to write about gardens and garden design. (Actually I am not a writer at all, just learning and I'm really stretching it about the "like" part). I especially love to make my own garden accessories. I currently live in the midwest U.S. but spent many of my formative years in Okinawa Japan, and Taiwan. I have a passion for anything East Asian, especially when it comes to melding my favorite passions- gardens + art + Asian stlye. It's nice to be a part of Street Articles.

Kokedama Diy: Japanese Moss Balls
The Japanese art of kokedama is catching on in the West. It’s a fun and quirky way of sprouting plants from wonderfully fuzzy moss balls. Kodedama is a great way to bring stylish garden bling into your home. It’s really easy to create your own work of art if you…
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The Dirt on Kokedama
Dirt balls. Leave it to the Japanese to raise the humble clod of soil to stardom. Just what is Kokedama? It’s a Japanese art form which creatively showcases plants in containers made of nothing more than dirt balls covered in moss. ”Ko ke” means moss in Japanese and “dama” loosely…
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What's A Rain Barrel Diverter And Do I Need One?
Rain barrels are a handy way to save plant-loving rain water for gardens and planters and a smart way to conserve water. Before purchasing one, however, do consider what type rain barrel is right for you and your family because the style barrel you select will dictate whether or not…
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How to Screen Eyesores With A Trellis
We all have them. Unsightly eyesores in our yard or neighbor’s yard that we’d like to ignore. The problem with eyesores is that they really are hard to ignore. It seems these blots on the landscape have a habit of drawing the eye quickly and overpowering all other aspects of…
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Can I Use A Hose With A Rain Barrel?
If you spent any amount of time outdoors this summer, you probably experienced drought conditions or drought-related problems. Many municipalities mandated water rationing or restrictions, making it difficult to pamper a garden the way it needed to be. Smart gardeners have turned to a simple, once common home gadget to…
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How to Save Money With Drought Tolerant Plants
Water. It's the single most important feature plants need to survive. During excessive heat spells and times of water rationing, providing that necessity can become quite expensive and sometimes impossible. With the rise of drought conditions worldwide, many gardeners are turning to water wise gardening and introducing drought tolerant plants…
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Strange And Bizarre Flowers: Black Sheep Of the Plant Family
Hideous, stinky and sinister are hardly adjectives you’d use to describe a flowering plant. But just as in any large, diverse group, if you search hard enough, you’ll find some real weirdos. Living way out on the fringe of the flower family are some highly strange and rare plants; so…
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What's a Moon Garden?
The secret is getting out: moon gardens are slowly becoming a big hit with gardeners. You may wonder - what's a moon garden? It's simply a garden designed to be enjoyed in the evening. A well designed moon garden looks great in the daytime, but when the sun slips down,…
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Keep Deer Out Of the Garden For Good
Have you been battling unwanted garden pests? Do you want to know a few secret weapons to keep deer out of the garden for good? For three years now deer have been camping out in the wooded area behind my home. The first year I was so pleased to be…
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How to Avoid Hedgerow Woes
A beautiful and natural way to create boundary lines and define your lawn borders is to introduce hedges. A well placed hedge can also act as fencing for dogs and children, or can help direct traffic flow through your landscape. Just as a well maintained hedge can add beauty to…
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