Lisa Wells (Street Articles Author)

I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I am retired (quite a bit earlier than expected); not by choice, but enjoying the freedom of time and direction! I now have the wonderful choice to be in the garden doing what I love whenever I wish!

My current home is in Plumas County, California in the High Sierra at 5000 feet altitude. Snow, snow, snow for all but a very short summer season. I am an avid gardener - I simply can't help myself, nothing can keep me from growing things. I love whatever it is that connects harmoniously with God, earth, and cycles of life.

Planting Hardneck Garlic - Easy, Delicious, Rare!
Hardneck garlic is a crop you can be very successful with in the High Sierra climate. It comes in many flavors and tastes from hot and spicy to mellow or mild. This is not the typical softneck grocery store garlic you are most likely accustomed to buying. The cloves of…
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Curing the Black Thumb Syndrome
In my High Sierra community, thriving gardens are not so usual - many people don’t make the effort because of our harsh climate and short season. Quite often people driving by have stopped their cars and jumped out to comment on my garden and to ask me how to make…
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Harvest And Storage Tips
In the High Sierra cold climate garden, September, and sometimes even a warm October, finally result in ripened crops ready to harvest. For many of us who lost our first plantings to June snow, the tomatoes and squash are just ready to pick and other crops with longer maturity periods…
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Philosophy Of Gardening
Why create a garden? Especially, why create a garden in an unpredictable and often harsh environment, as the cold climate garden in the High Sierra can be? Some obvious answers are to enjoy the beauty of it, to landscape and add to the presence of a home or property, to…
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Easy To Grow - Hollyhocks
Not particularly fussy, hollyhocks grow well in this high altitude micro-climate. You can start from seed or plant. When I first moved to my current home, I brought tiny seedlings with me from my other home. At the time, there was zero landscaping on this property. I now have a…
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Tending My Shade Garden
Shade gardens thrive in the High Sierra climate and loyally return each year despite months under mounds of snow. All you need to do is pick the right hardy plants and provide a moist soil rich in humus. They provide lovely foliage and delicate color to satisfy the gardener longing…
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Perseverance - A Little Bit Philosophical!
Discouraged that the early June snow had damaged so many vegetable seedlings, I went seeking solace in written words. I think I felt so upset about it because this year, different from all the other years that I have been through this identical scene, I really need the vegetables to…
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Snow In June!
In an unpredictable climate like the High Sierra climate how do you protect your mountain vegetable garden to help it survive? For the past two days we’ve had rain, snow, and very cold nights. For myself, in these hard economic times, I’m counting on my vegetable garden to provide vegetables…
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Growing Strawberries In the High Sierra
Is it possible to successfully grow strawberries in a short season climate? A young teenage friend asked me how to grow strawberries here in the High Sierra -- that sent me on a quest to give him at least a bit of “industry-standard” information, though I’m very happy with my…
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High Country Gardening
GARDENING IN THE HIGH SIERRA Micro-climate gardening at 5000 feet: From region to region gardening varies - in a sense we all live in micro-climates, whether here in Plumas County where I live or in San Diego where plants flourish year-round. My area is pine forest and river; the neighboring…
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