Lisa20 (Street Articles Author)

My Name is Lisa and I am a working mother of 2 girls....aged 12 and 16months. Needless to say, I feel I have parented in 2 completely different era' of the internet and the one where that was not an option.

I try to bring a realistic expectation to working moms who can never and will never be the perfect vision of what they are reading online that they should be. I share my challenges, my successes and failures, my humiliations and of course what I have found that has worked for our family.

Chasing Mavericks - How A PG Rated Movie Caused A Late Night Discussion With My Tween Girl
Last night after we put the baby to bed, we decided to grab some much needed time with "The Tween" and watch a movie. After a few minutes of looking we chose Chasing Mavericks. Partly because Gerard Butler was in it, partly because I was sick of searching, but mostly…
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Dog Allergies - The Paws Home Remedies
Dog Allergies, Oh how many times I have found myself frantically searching the web for the "miracle cure" so I would not have to make yet another trip to my wealthy veterinarian. Scouring pages of info, looking for home remedies for my poor "Blue BO". Trying to find any way…
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