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Beautiful Istria
The beauty of the green Istria is unparalleled. The region is beautiful in every season of the year, particularly in autumn.The main characteristic of the Istrian cuisine is the big variety of its natural ingredients. Its basic elements are part of its historical development: salt, fish, olives, wine, the persimmon…
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Land Of the Lakes
Birth of morning behind the gentle hills. The state-room is carpeted with silver frost and there the morning is welcomed by three trees – each standing in its own pose. One raises its branches in admiration, lauding the light of the first rays. The other is re-solved to seduce the…
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Virgin Islands Paradise
A trip through the British Virgin Islands feel like a sail into prehistoric time. Passing the hushed shores of lush, undisturbed mountainous cays, feeling the spray from the cool, translucent waters, you’ll realize that a side trip to the British Virgin Islands is well worth the effort to experience one…
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Choose Your Winter Resort
When to go skiing or snowboarding is almost as important a factor to consider as where to go, but both are just part of the equation that forms a successful ski vacation. Companions, accommodation and travel arrangements are also crucial factor. You do, of course, also need snow and sunshine;…
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Romantic Venice
For centuries Venetians and visitor alike have been spellbound by Venice, the most breathtakingly beautiful and extraordinary city, equal parts stone and water, a floating city laid out on 200 tiny islands with ,,the sea for its floor, the sky for its roof, and the flow of water for walls’’.…
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Touring Charlotte Amalie
Nowhere in the world can you enjoy such a diverse sights and sounds as you can in the U.S. Virgin Islands. From sun up until well past sun down, there is plenty of excitement for visitors of every age. Relax on pristine beaches. Frolic in crystal clear waters. Explore islands…
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Historic Norwich
Norwich is an ancient historic city with a fascinating past dating back some 2000 years. Many of City's museums and attractions provide the perfect insight into the past and reveal the influences and events that have shaped its history. History is alive in Norwich. There you can see a Norman…
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Old San Juan
Puerto rico known as the gateway of the Caribbean is one of the most exotic islands in the world. Located between the Caribbean and North Atlantic Ocean this tourist vacation destination offers the highest levels of quality, high standards and best local dishes at reasonable prices. Old San Juan is…
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Road Town Unique Crafts
The Caribbean is a cornucopia of indigenous arts and crafts. Scattered along this archipelago of islands are crafts man that produce by hand everything from wood boats to basketry. Clustered together on the waterfront along the ferry dock in Road Town are a series of colorful West Indian houses that…
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Virgin Gorda Island Walks
Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. By the time vacationing sailors get to ,,Lever Bay'' in North Sound, many of them are anxious to stretch their legs and get re-acquainted. Some of those visitors walking the road towards the North Sound were huffing and puffing and barely making it…
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