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Favorite Wrecks In New Providence
There are at least 16 accessible wrecks for divers to visit around New Providence and Paradise Island, each offering its own special set of attractions. Among them are two made famous by James Bond: Tears of Allah and Thunder ball. Another is the Cessna plane used in the filming of…
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Best Diving Spots
Whatever your skill level, if you want laid-back, easygoing dives with plenty to see, look no further than these 10 top destinations. The following list includes some destinations that Scuba Diving readers rated highest for the quality of their diving. In nearly every case, these places offer relatively shallow sites…
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Key West - Chase the Sunset
With it’s many islands and cays to explore, known as the coral archipelago of the south east Key West is a virtual mariner’s playground. Imagine the sunny background view of the Key West dock and the small hotel marina next to it with a picturesque beach and the opposite little…
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Nice Attractions
One of the best ways to appreciate the attractions of Nice (Nice la Belle) is to view it from the top of its Castle. The panorama is unique taking in the Angel Bay, the city itself and its surroundings. To the east, can be seen Mont Boron and the Port…
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St Maarten Excursions
As to many island tourist centers St. Maarten may boast with a wide range of Tour excursions thanks to its incredibly picturesque surrounding. Country roads, mountain breezes and beautiful beaches await you. Among many interesting ways to explore this beautiful island we will shortly suggest some of the most attractive…
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Shopping In Barcelona
While you can see some European cities by just passing through, Barcelona is a destination. Barcelona centre is a shopping paradise for mainstream fashion stores you find in every European city. If however, you’re looking for something more original, step off the touristic track into neighbourhoods like Gracia and Barri…
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