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I was born in a blizzard night on November 11TH 1958...In little village on Gaspe peninsula in the province of Quebec....Witch is a French part of Canada. Moved west to British Columbia in 1979 January 15th to be exact. Spoke very little English....I worked in many places did a lot of different jobs and learned (mostly by doing) many different things like Electricity,Mechanic ,Plumbing,Construction,and more but i do believe What i like the most is,Electronic specially Computers...I've learn to program a commodore 64 and fell in love ... Now i want to start an E-store for anything electronic. I know there are a lot of competition in this niche but that wont discourage me from trying .

What is the Best Video Game Console ?
When it comes to game console for me the first that come to mind is Xbox 360 then the Play station console all 4 of them , the WII from Nintendo , etc.. But witch one is the best video game console out there .the game console list is long…
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Help Buying A Computer
Hello everyone and I hope your having a good day . Today i'd like to introduce you to my new buying guide for computer . It is a short abbreviated guide that I hope will be of some help to you . So without any more delay here is my…
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