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How To Improve Your Tennis Serve - 3 Tips
Tennis is a fun filled sport that can be played for many decades by individuals regardless of their age. Whether you are left-handed, or right-handed, as long as you have a partner that can go out with you on a regular basis, you can maintain your overall health by getting…
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Setting Goals for Maximum Performance
Regardless to whether you are an amateur playing for fun or a world class professional tennis player, you always want to show your best tennis. Since everything should be done according to the plan or schedule, to achieve best results you need to set goals. Goal setting would include both…
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How to Facilitate Analysis Of What is Happening Around You?
Have you ever felt the power of thinking of something that potentializes or inspires you do to something? Every one of us has and surely we would love to feel that all the time, however sometimes we lose control over it. Inspiring yourself with positive thoughts that something is going…
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How to Overcome Anxiety Before And During A Match?
Speaking about anxiety you should first of all learn not to confuse this definition with nervousness because anxiety and nerves have pretty different meanings. Anxiety comes when you are looking forward to having something done in the future and you are anxious because you think that you may fail. For…
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How to Excel Your Abilities And Skills?
While there is no existing limit for excellence, neither in tennis nor in any other activity whether it is sport-related or just casual stuff, there are established standards for almost everything. Whoever is compliant with them and matches the requirements – is considered excellent at that thing. In tennis there…
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Improving And Customizing Self - talk
Language – is globally considered as one of the most effective tools to control behavior. While talking out loud is mostly used as the way to control others’ actions, talking to yourself or self-talking, is crucially effective in critical situations. Tennis analysts describe self-talk as intensive thinking or making both…
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Mental Training for Tennis
Tennis mental training is one of most important components of any tennis player, whether professional or amateur, who is continuously trying to improve his game. Even though mental training is frequently overlooked and skipped, it is still one of the key elements for becoming a tennis player that wins. Majority…
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Mental Toughness As A Factor to Win In Tennis
Being one of the most important psychological qualities, especially in sports like tennis, mental toughness allows you to unconsciously reach your peak performance in what you do. Mental toughness is all about brain work and brain, as scientifically known, is responsible for operation of your musculoskeletal system. This way it…
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Mental Preparation In Tennis
If you are a professional tennis player and you play or are going to play on series of tournaments next season, it is very important that you have your mental health prepared for possible stress, especially when you figure out that you will be playing against a player that is…
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