Lucille Weidner (Street Articles Author)


My name is Lucille Weidner. I've been playing the drums since I was a teenager, well over 20 years now!

Before I owned a drum set, or even a drum, I started learning how to read drum music and how to play drum rudiments on a practice pad. I started out by playing individual drums, particularly the bass drum and the snare drum, in the high school concert and marching bands.

When I was 15 I joined a bagpipe and drum band, the American Celtic Pipe Band, and played the snare drum with them for 18 years. I was the lead drummer/drum sergeant for most of those years. I played in many parades including the St.Patrick's Day parade in New York City. Also, I competed with my band in numerous pipe band competitions.

When my parents bought my first drum set, I started to take private drum lessons. The first time I had the opportunity to play the drum set with a group was when I joined my church's folk group at 15 years old. Since then I've been with other bands, especially rock bands, playing my favorite kind of music. Right now I am in a rock band which I've been with for over 12 years, Cosmo's Moon, playing all-original rock music.

Throughout my years as a drummer, I have spent a lot of time learning about drumming and drum equipment. I'm always looking to find out about the latest drummer's gear. I read the drum magazines and sift through various music catalogs. I frequent drum and music shops, testing out and getting information on these products.

I like to share my knowledge about drums and drumming with others.

If you'd like to contact me, email me at:

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