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My name is Luke Hatfield, I'm a full-time content writer for a mobile phone website, and also enjoy writing about sports. I always have my finger on the pulse in terms of tech and sports news, and have a passion for writing.

I'm hugely passionate about smartphones, and enjoy getting hands-on looks at the latest technology, and give readers a straight, no BS look at the best, and worst features from all handsets.

The Best, Most Protective Smartphone Cases
Let’s face it; smartphones of yesteryear were way tougher than the devices of today. But thankfully, as fragility has increased in our phones, we’ve seen plenty of our smartphone cases toughen up to take the brunt of our day to day lives. But what are the best cases for the…
By:  in  Communications  >  Mobile Cell Phone Accessories   Jul 18, 2014  
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Does the HTC One M8 Need A Fingerprint Scanner?
It was a pretty big surprise not to see a fingerprint scanner make its way onto the HTC One M8 this spring, especially after seeing Samsung grasp the feature for the Galaxy S5. The iPhone 5s used one as well, and even the HTC One Max boasted one, so why…
By:  in  Communications  >  Mobile Cell Phone Accessories   May 30, 2014  
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The Funniest Things to Ask Siri
Who doesn’t love Siri? It is an extremely helpful tool that has helped us out on many an occasion, but it also has a bit of a fun side as well! If you know what to ask it, you can get some great responses from Siri, meaning that if you’re…
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