Lydia Knoop (Street Articles Author)

Hi, My name is Lydia Knoop, a 44 year old wife and mother. I've been a stay at home mum all my married life, and have always had a desire to write. Both our sons have left home and managed to get settled at last, so this mother now has the time to combine both her passions. Making homemade preserves, pickles, chutneys and jams. And writing.

My husband, Mark, is retired and a workaholic gardener! He's also my biggest supporter.

I am also currently constructing my own website on making homemade preserves, which has been a very rewarding experience so far.

We live in a very rural, large diary farming area, in the village of Underberg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It's the perfect setting to find inspiration for many things.

My journey is only starting and it will obviously go slow, but it's something that I intend savouring every step of the way.

Your partner in writing,


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