Lynea Brown (Street Articles Author)

My name is Lynea. For years I have dreamed of traveling and exploring the world we liveWork From Anywhere Portable Income Sources in but always feared that there just wouldn't be enough money. Without an income coming in on a regular basis, there was no way I could travel and live somewhere else. Each day, I would get up, get ready and go to work so I could earn a paycheck. Although this took care of my need to support my family, it didn't allow me the ability to travel and perhaps even move somewhere else.

In order to make my dreams a reality I had to do one of four things: 1.Win the lottery so I would never have to work again 2.Suddenly get an inheritance from a rich relative I didn't know existed 3.Find an income source that I could take with me, no matter where I decided to go 4.Wait until I retired and travel on my social security benefits

My chances of winning the lottery were non-existent, especially when I could never talk myself into spending the two dollars on a ticket that probably wouldn't win, especially when I could put that two dollars toward something else later in the day, not to mention the horrible odds against me. I had about as much chance of getting an unexpected inheritance as I did with winning the lottery. Wait for retirement? I really don't want to wait another 20 years to be able to travel or move abroad. By then, we may not even have social security!

No, the way I saw it, I only had one choice. I had to find a portable income source that I could turn into a portable career and take with me wherever I went. This started my research on portable income sources and possibilities.

I never realized just how many portable career choices there were. Thanks to the internet, the doors were wide open for me in numerous career fields. This got me to thinking. If I was searching for a portable income that I could take with me on my travels to allow me to sustain myself and my family no matter where we went, then others were probably searching for the same thing.

This lead me to writing and publishing about my research. My goal is to help others acheive their dreams of having a portable income that goes where they go.

Turn Your Interest Of Photography Into A Portable Income Source
Today more and more people are looking for a portable income source that will allow them the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and gives them the flexibility to set their own schedules. If you have an interest in photography, you may already have what you need to…
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