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i.Life Solutions have gained high reputation in the demanding world of corporate installations. Since 1996, they have been installing conferencing, video conferencing and audio visual installation facilities for major blue-chip corporations and for companies such as Jaguar, Ford, KPMG and Cable & Wireless. They are specialist in bespoke home cinema installations and smart home technology. From a simple home cinema, to a whole-house control system with smart home technology, embracing the heating, lighting, security and audio-visual systems, Ilife Solutions has the knowledge and the people to make it happen, seamlessly and painlessly.

Intelligent Homes – A New Emerging Technology
Intelligent homes are possible now more ever, thanks to highly advanced wireless technology and other modern advancements. Smart homes with remote-controlled everything are no longer just found in sci-fi novels and films. Just take a look at the highly advanced security and alarm systems that protect many homes nowadays and…
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