Lynn Marchand (Street Articles Author)

Life has a way of teaching us, sometimes in ways we don't expect. Having been involved in two storefront businesses, a tavern and a convenience store, my husband and I learned the hard way to protect ourselves and businesses from break-ins and theft. While you'd think that everyone would naturally do this, our businesses were located in an extremely low risk area and that risk wasn't taken seriously until it happened to us. Wake up call!

Since then, I have realized that protecting yourself, family and property encompasses more than protecting solely against robberies. The world is a changed place with threats unheard of just 20 years ago. We all need to be responsible and the ability to share knowledge and experiences that help others to overcome their own problems moves humanity forward in a positive direction. I hope that readers will take heart in the fact that they are capable of starting businesses, preparing and protecting their families and being strong and confident in their own abilities to have a preparedness plan that will serve them well in the event of a emergency.

Should You Prepare For A Food Crisis?
Should I prepare for a food crisis? Just the implications embedded in that thought are frightening. Most people are of the mindset that a food crisis happening in the United States is impossible. However, a crisis can take many forms, and any of these, or combinations of them, are, indeed,…
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