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Hi Everyone, My name is Chad. I've always had an underlying talent for writing and I believe its just been laying dormant untill recently I discovered how much better I felt when I really found something I was passionate about. Writing is an outlet for me, a certain form of therpay. To have an opportunity to do something I love, and getting paid for it, is probably the most rewarding thing i've found. Now I can't understand what took so long! I've been blessed with being highly junior high school I used to write page after page of novel, Following my imagination to every area and corner out there. I've been inspired and awoken 5 years ago. I've been thru alot of changes and if I inspire and help people to change the ways they see life, their perception of it, and increase their own personal well being, and happiness in ways that create permanent and real benefits, I believe i've found a calling out here online! and its maybe been calling for awhile, It just didnt occur to me.

I will choose to write about my interests, which varies quite incredibly! So I hope to create a wide diverse range of readers, and my goal is provide real, genuine content and knowledge to readers, to hopefully inspire and create a life with no limits. Follow your heart, live without fear, and challenge yourself day-to-day to become a better individual.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might Be" - Lau Tsu

Freeport, Bahamas Vaction
So I'm getting ready for my first internatial trip to the Bahamas, Freeport exaclty. It's around 9:30pm and our plane is set to depart at 12:30am. After all the bags are packed, the fridge is emptied, garbage taken out, dishes are done...I reach into the sink to do what basically…
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