Marc Plouvier (Street Articles Author)

Hello I’m Marc a stay at home dad for over a year now. My Wife and I have three Children, Two living at home. We have a son 16 years of age, also a daughter 14 years of age. Our oldest daughter 21 years of age and grand baby are out of the country. In just a short time at age 56 I have become a Husband, Father and Grandfather. I became a stay at home dad after been laid off as a Fraud Investigator for a Credit agency.

I thought of writing a journal for prosperity of my stories. But I found another outlet that I think would be better for myself and might help others along the way. I’m not a writer and write the way I speak. I enjoy telling my stories of true life and honestly. My background is Law Enforcement related for some 25 Years.

Being a Stay at Home Dad is great and everything I have gone through has made me a better person. I love my wife and kids and will protect them with my life. Stay tuned and enjoy my true stories that will make you laugh, cry and learn what it’s like to be a stay at Home Day with our two teenagers.


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