Maria T. Miller (Street Articles Author)

Maria Miller enjoys living on a 5-acres homestead, keeping chickens, taking care of a rowdy bunch of kids, and tending to a garden all while blogging and writing about the adventures along the way.

Why Raise Chickens?
Wondering about the reasons to raise chickens in your backyard? As more families take an interest in keeping these productive pets, their reasons and the benefits have become widely known. For starters, having a backyard chicken flock gives a household a small measure of self-sufficiency. Some analysts predict food shortages…
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Farm Fresh Eggs Versus Store Bought
When you compare farm fresh eggs versus store bought, you'll find that those from backyard hens allowed free access to green grass are far superior to caged hens' eggs. According to an in-depth study by Mother Earth News, in which they actually tested the nutritional content of a wide sample…
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What Do Chickens Eat?
Before you bring home those chirping chicks form the local feed store, it's a good idea to ask the clerk, "What do chickens eat?" She'll likely tell you that while chickens will eat any number of things they may find in a pasture or forest, as well as human foods…
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