Marian Bourne (Street Articles Author)

I created Celgenics - Skin For The Future - as a result of my work as a therapist. I practice as a Nutritionist, Cranio Sacral Therapist and Kinesiologist.

Celgenics began life as a single cream that I made for a client who was allergic to parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates and all the toxic ingredients that so often go into conventional skincare. Because I'm a kinisiologist, I was able to test her for the ingredients she would be sensitive to and therefore not suitable to use. My very first cream was a great success!

I went on to develop the creams further using what I call energy medicine, such as homeopathic remedies, flower essences and crystals. I discovered that energising the creams created something very different from just the sum of the ingredients. I would compare it to the process of making wine, grapes on their own are not wine, they must go through a process to change their form into wine. So it is with the process of making Celgenics products.

The energising process results in creams that are very differnt from any other skincare range. For example, the night cream helps people to sleep!

I currently sell the range online whilst I continue to run my practice and help people back to health.

Hormones And Hair Loss
Losing your hair? Before starting a skincare company - Celgenics - I worked in complementary health as a Nutritionist, Cranio Sacral practitioner and Kinesiologist. One of the conditions I treated was thyroid imbalances and so I've decided to write a short question and answer article about a problem that many…
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Essential Fatty Acids Are Not Just for Our Bodies
Fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3 aren't just good for your body, they are great for keeping your skin healthy too. The fatty acids or EFA's keep your skin healthy, permeable and moisture rich which helps nutrients get in and the toxins to come out. They also help to…
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