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Hi, here is Marie. Learning foreign languages is an incredible an never ending journey. I will write articles about tips, trics and info about my journey in learning languages. I am not a qualified teacher but definitely "qualified" learner of foreign languages. Learning languages somehow stuck with me all my life and I decided to share my knowledge with you. I am qualified court and police interpreter in the UK. It is not an easy job and knowledge of languages is just a must for this job. I will share with you some of my thoughts and episodes from my interpreting life.

I Hate Grammar!
Learning grammar of a foreign language is not easy. If your native language is English and you learn for example, Russian, you have in front of you quite a demanding task as both languages are very different and have different alphabet and grammar systems. I hate grammar. But like it…
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Unbelievable Google Dictionary: Google Search Images Exchanged Words
Imagine the Oxford dictionary with its 20,000 words and imagine all these words were exchanged for images. You can say well, it is a picture dictionary then. Not really as the images used were searched for in Google. The first one which appeared in a search for the word was…
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Is It OK to Swear at Police?
“Overturning Denzel Cassius Harvey's conviction, Mr Justice Bean said officers were so regularly on the receiving end of the "rather commonplace" expletive that it was unlikely to cause them "harassment, alarm or distress". “ UK High Court judge Mr Justice Bean ruled that it is not an offense to use…
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My Secret Method - Learn English Language With Peppa Pig!
No, it’s not a joke! You can learn English language really fast with Peppa Pig! Just in case you don’t know who Peppa Pig is, she’s a cheeky little piggy girl from a British cartoon series. She lives with her mummy pig, daddy pig and little brother George. You can…
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Learning languages online
Learning a foreign language is a mammoth task. Our days are packed with work and family duties and it’s sometimes impossible to attend lessons at school aswell. Sometimes, language schools simply do not offer the language or type of course that you need. In such cases, learning languages online could…
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How to Learn Language, Language School?
So you've decided to crack on and learn a new language. Well done, but what is the best way to learn a language? First we need to answer the following question, who is responsible for your learning and progress? A tutor, a teacher or you? It’s you. That is right,…
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How to Learn Language? Hard Way? No Thanks!
There are many of us who wish to speak another language or languages. I am going to show you a few tips which could help you on your learning journey. There are many reasons for learning foreign languages. Some of us want to speak with people in the countries where…
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