Marion Bratton (Street Articles Author)

Doggy Training at Home
It is most important when you first get your puppy that you start training your dog at home. From potty training to tricks it is a special time when you and your dog can bond. For your dog’s safety and your sanity there have to be rules and boundaries put…
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Choosing A Dog
The time has come when it is time to choose a new dog. Many years have passed since my last dog died and I feel ready once again to have a new best friend. Before I embark on the search there are several questions that I have to answer before…
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Non - shedding Dogs
I love dogs and hate cleaning so if you are like me then perhaps a non-shedding dog is for you. Be aware though that all dogs lose fur the same that all people lose hair. Even non-shedding dogs lose a small amount it just means less cleaning! To learn which…
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