marion nelson (Street Articles Author)

My name is Marion and I'm a 28 year old internet marketer. I was introduced to this field back in 2010 when I was working in coporate America. I immediately fell in love with it because i was intrigued by what I would be able to do and found that I could quit my full time job if I implemented all the steps that were outlined in the course.

After searching and searching online, I decided to give Wealthy Affiliate University a try. There were several other programs that I checked out but they didn't seem to offer anything of value that I was interested in.After checking out the site for about a month, I felt like I finally found something that I could get involved in and actually make some progress. I followed the steps and I immediately began to see some results. This motivated me to do more and I continued on my journey to success.

I have never been interested in working for any company and I can't stand the thought of corporate America because it's just not something I'm made for. I feel like I'm cut out to be a self-employed woman and that's my goal for life.I love helping other people and I love the idea of being able to bring other people into the light. I know that some people aren't interested in the internet marketing field and have a bad opinion of internet programs or making money on the internet. However, I feel as though everyone should at least get some exposure to what they could be doing as an alternative to their current lifestyle. My goal is to be a very informative and resourceful entrpreneur that is able to help others.

I have been involved in internet marketing since 2010 and I have learned a lot in a short amount of time. I feel that if I was able to learn it all without any prior knowledge at all, others should be able to do the same. there is no reason why a newbie shouldn't be able to succeed in the same field. I have a passion for this and I'm glad that I found it because I can capitalize on it and do it full time. I believe that when you do something that you love for a living, it's no longer considered to be a job but a hobby. It's my goal to keep it that way.

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