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Hi, I am a single ,divorced,proud mother of 2 awesome boys(11 &9) with ADHD with my eldest being mentally and physically disabled.I am a passionate, five star hotelier with over 2 decades executive senior management experience,including being General Managers of several 4 & 5 star hotels.I have actively been studying,The Secret, law of attraction and teachings of Bob Proctor, since 2006.I am getting my fingers wet with online marketing and would like to help others succeed too.I enjoy every moment of it.I have my own hospitality consulting company, assisting in hotels/guest houses and lodges' turn-a-rounds, all hospitality related training and all management related assistance.

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I have been beading and scrap booking and been a mom for quite some time.I love decorating and interior design. I am a business woman,a fashionista,a mother,a woman,a sister,a daughter,an aunt and more.I went through pitfalls of marriage and divorce and would like to help others learn from my mistakes and share my knowledge in all the above with those wanting it.I am inspired by people like Jim Rohn, Joe Vitale,Bob Proctor, Frikkie van Kraayenburg. Health and Wellness is high on the list, parenting ,scrapbooking , beading,and so much more

I am actively involved in charity work - a safe house in South Africa , for abandoned , abused,neglected HIV/AIDS infected and affected children.Amadea Safe

Feel free to contact me for job offers and consulting

A Newbie to Making Money Online - the Secret
If you are an internet newbie like what I was some time ago - Trust me information overload on Google and all other search engines like Amazon is a total understatement. I did searched on : online money making , business opportunities , making money on the internet , making…
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Learning How to Make Money Online
When you are a newbie , trying to make money on the internet is one of the most difficult things there is. I am a single mother of two boys , requiring a lot of my attention as both kids are ADHD and my eldest disabled. Thus being unemployed and…
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The Freedom And Challenges Of Starting Your Own Home Based Business
Have you ever started a new venture ? Like perhaps being forced into a situation to start up your own home based business? Work from home? Should I try that? Can it work? How to work from home is a regular question? Sometimes the universe has a plan with you…
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Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam?
With all the thousands of scams going around on the internet , one cannot help but to check out offer prior to buying these days, to prevent being scammed. I am almost certain that you either are a newcomer to the internet marketing or were one at one stage. Now…
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Tips to Start Your Own Online Business Making Money With the Internet
One of the things you need to start your work from home business is a few guidelines to help you get started Starting a new business can be overwhelming and at times one can loose focus and start drowning in the time consuming tasks. I suggest that you make yourself…
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What is the Secret? The Day I Met Bob Proctor
Would you like to know what the secret is? by Maritza Kleinhans The secret is the law of attraction basically. A universal law. One of many. Laws of the universe you have to live by to achieve great abundance and success and financial freedom in your life. Is that not…
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