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Hi, I’m Marjolyn Noble, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Healer. I have a strong calling to assist people, to empower them to live a life worthy of the best things possible. We are the only ones with the power to do this and the biggest ‘deal breaker’ is worry, stress and anxiety.

Óne of my favorite quotes is “worrying is using your imagination to create something that you do not want’. However by utilizing the principles of meditation and distraction we can shift from a ‘negative statement’ to one that is uplifting and positive. Please read the attached articles and share with me your thoughts or questions. If I can help just one person find relief and shift their anxiety to a better feeling place, then sharing my articles has been worth every minute.

Why Meditate?
Meditation and the joy it can bring Being a great supporter of the daily practice of meditation, I am frequently asked this question … why meditate what benefits are there for me? Glad you asked, let me share with you the transformation you can expect when you set aside just…
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Are You A Match to Your Perfect Relationship
Personal Relationships, everyone wants one when you don’t have one, yet when you are in one you spend a lot of thinking time about what irritates you, or what you could change, finding flaws or faults in each other. This is an observation from what I have heard in conversations,…
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It All Starts With A Thought
I have read many books and listened to quite a few audio recording from lots of different sources who share their perspective about why we are here at this time on Planet Earth. The theory is that we as human beings are moving from a period of darkness to one…
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Beliefs Will Take You Far
There is so much information circulating the internet these days and sometimes it’s confusing what to believe. There’s an abundance of Lifestyle experts to guide us in to exercising and eating better, there are experts to offer us assistance in how to manage our business affairs, there’s help for our…
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Choose Your Words With Care
One of my favourite sources of inspirational guidance is an Energy named ‘Abraham’ and this information is channelled by a lovely, equally inspirational lady, Esther Hicks. Many ‘pearls’ of wisdom have been gleaned over the years by listening to audio mp3’s and reading several publications on the Laws of Attraction…
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Seven Spiritual Laws
As I pondered what topic to write my next article, I randomly selected a book from my bookshelf. For the past twenty years I have been reading various publications on anything metaphysical. I fanned the pages of the chosen book; a piece of paper fell out into my hands. On…
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The Magic Of Trust
Trust … a powerful word with a big impact! I hear this word often throughout the course of my day and trust issues seem to be a ‘big deal’ in quite a few people’s lives. I hear words like, I don’t trust this person or they don’t trust themselves. During…
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Gratitude And Apprecation
According to Wikipedia, Gratitude is thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude … of a benefit that one has or will receive. Gratitude, to me is a state of being. An emotion of expressing thanks for all the good things that your life has been blessed with. Some…
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Helpful Tips on What to Manifest
Interesting observation, I have uploaded three articles in three days. What intrigued me is that whilst the title of the articles is different, there are similarities in the content. I have a passion for all things positive and hence my area of interest relates to mind power, focus, and positivity…
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How to Manifest In 7 Steps
Don’t you just love life and being here on Planet Earth at this powerful time. We have entered a new phase of evolution and we as Human Beings are awakening to our true potential. The wonderful Stephen Covey said that we are all Spirit having a human experience. Before I…
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