Marjolyn Noble (Street Articles Author)

Hi, I’m Marjolyn Noble, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Healer. I have a strong calling to assist people, to empower them to live a life worthy of the best things possible. We are the only ones with the power to do this and the biggest ‘deal breaker’ is worry, stress and anxiety.

Óne of my favorite quotes is “worrying is using your imagination to create something that you do not want’. However by utilizing the principles of meditation and distraction we can shift from a ‘negative statement’ to one that is uplifting and positive. Please read the attached articles and share with me your thoughts or questions. If I can help just one person find relief and shift their anxiety to a better feeling place, then sharing my articles has been worth every minute.

Emotional Guidance System
A few years ago I had a chance encounter with a lady I hadn't seen for many months. I walked into a Cafe and was shown to my seat. As I was checking out the menu while I waited for my sister to arrive, I glanced up and noticed a…
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Is the Soothing Stress Relief Course As Good As it Claims
Stress and anxiety – two words that have no place in our lives, yet so many of us do. I, too, have suffered the effects of these two emotions and the implication that it had on the quality of my life … My research has taken me down different paths…
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