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My name is Mark Anthony and currently reside in sunny Los Angeles CA. I'm very passionate about music, sports, and entertainment. As a result, I'm a music professional at Mark Anthony Entertainment were we specialize in weddings, and provide a host of other music and entertainment services.

I'm also very passionate about technology and how today's gadgets impact our business and lifestyles. I'm currently on a mission to research and explore some of the most innovative gadgets on the market and share my experiences through my blog: Cool Must Have Gadgets. Hopefully I'll see you there...

What Is Diabetes And How Do People Get Diabetes?
Diabetes is a chronic, lifelong condition and is associated with high levels of blood glucose in the body over a prolonged period. Insulin is a hormone, produced by pancreas, which is responsible for lowering of blood glucose. In the absence of insulin, the body fails to regulate blood sugar levels…
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Cool New Tech Gadgets
Makerbot: Replicator Mini 3D Printer 3D printers are very cool, however, it can really be bulky besides the fact that it is very expensive. Now, Makerbot Replicator Mini 3D printer is here to change that! The 3D maker, which is based in New York Brooklyn, has begun accepting pre-orders for…
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Wedding Plan Checklist
When it comes to your wedding day, the sheer number of details can be overwhelming and stress-inducing. Having a wedding plan checklist may be your solution to ease the stress and keep everything in order. There are many resources available out there for couples who want to plan the perfect…
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