Mark Cunningham (Street Articles Author)

My name is Mark Cunningham and I'm out to save the world.

That may sound incredibly naive, narcissistic and (INSERT YOUR TERM HERE), but it's true. Ok, well I guess that's a huge undertaking so let's just scale it back a little and say that I'm here to share great experiences, information and goals that I have experienced in the past several years to bring me where I am today. I seem to have the vision of the "Memo" scene in Jerry McGuire as I type this.

I'm a musician. I've done other things in this life to earn money to subsist, but it's all come back to being a musician and that's all I ever want to do. Period.

I had tried working for someone else, working as my own boss and I even taught Special Education (which I did love) but it all came back to asking myself the same question, "Was I really Happy?" When the recession hit in 2008 before I hit the age of 40, I had the same freak-out I guess as many other men at mid-life had going through the same thing. It was at that time that I made the realization in asking myself "What was it all for?" Killing myself just to make money that was going to be gone in a month anyway. I also began to think back to when I was the happiest which was my 20's when I was playing music and just living, taking it all small.

I've been on a journey the past 3 years to see how people are following their passions by living a life of non-conformity, downsizing, utilizing alternate energy, living on the road, developing themselves as artists as well as individuals and above all, finding their passions again. I'm also looking forward to exploring all of the aspects of the "Tiny House" craze that is sweeping the planet. These structures are not only examples of people utilizing resources and space wisely, but also it has become a lifestyle in which we, as a society are taking our lives back.

This site will have guest bloggers and contributors frequently as well as a fellow "gypsy" and great writer, Caleb K. Webb.

Please feel free to contribute, follow and share to our little world here at Living Small and we look forward to spending some time with you!


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