Mark Smith/Video Marketing Strategies (Street Articles Author)

Hello, my name is Mark Smith. I've been online since 1994 and have seen a lot of changes over the years. My focus has been on web design and Internet marketing.

I got excited when I discovered Street Articles. I believe Street Articles is an amazing resource and content medium for new and experienced authors to make their contribution to the world.

The primary niche I'm dedicated to right now is, Whiteboard Animation videos and the production team I promote is serving Fortune 500 companies - their artists have worked for Disney, the Cartoon Network, Marvel Comics and Universal Studios.

With more companies, corporations, institutions and organizations realizing the power of Animated Video Marketing, I'm dedicated to getting the word out about our 5-star team.

Cheers... Mark Smith

PS: When you visit my Whiteboard Animation Artist site - see the link featured on the right side of this page, be sure to checkout my affiliate program. It's simple, fun and features HUGE payouts!

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