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Hi, I recently was paid off from working in a fishing tackle and shooting shop and was having a hard time getting interviews with the current economic climate when a friend showed me an ad for making money with "Internet Marketing". I have to say I was doubtful at first thinking.... "It was too good to be true", "Surely everyone is at it", but I have to admit I was curious. So I started my journey, step by step. I scanned the web searching for advice, after a few weeks I came across The Bum Marketing Technique. where I learned a few things more. From there I joined the Wealthy Affiliate University and later signed up to Street Articles.

It hasn't been easy although I was paid off I landed a six month covering job with another friend and while working during the day I would then sit another few hours at night trying to learn new skills. I should point out that I have an IT back ground and have some skills in web page development, hosting and search engine optimization so the technical stuff is not over whelming but having to learn how to write has been a new experience altogether for me.

As my passion is fishing I decided to work on that niche to share my knowledge and hopefully make new friends along the way. Tight Lines!


What Keyword Search Engine Tool to Use?
What makes a keyword search engine tool on the market today? What are the criteria for being any good? It would have to include, providing good quality keywords, showing monthly search traffic, showing estimated traffic for being placed on page one of Google, and showing the strength of competition. I…
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Learn How to Fly Fish– What Equipment Do You Need
Learn how to fly fish, something you may have thought about or is a target project you have on your to do list. Here we will discuss the basic requirements that you will need to get going. There are five main components that make up the equipment you need. There…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Jul 18, 2014  
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How to Build A Fly Fishing Leader
When getting ready to go fly fishing the leader is the last thing to get added to the fly line and if you don't know any better there is few things to know so the leader is correct for fishing. If you are new to fly fishing then this article…
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New Sea Trout Rivers To Fish
It would be no surprise to many that the industrial revolution of the last 200 years has had a dramatic effect on our waterways and rivers with pollution waste being run off into them. This has caused the reduction and in some cases the demise of natural species including Salmon…
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Sea Trout on A Dry Fly - A Daytime Encounter
I remember when I was about fourteen years old making my way down to the river with my fly rod when I heard a huge splash just behind the next corner. As I arrived at the spot I saw a large white trout leap from the river and take an…
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How to Find A Niche Market Place
If you are thinking about getting into internet marketing you are probably wondering how to find a niche market place. There are numerous places on the internet that have built up a reputation for being the best online market place, for instance Amazon has to be in the top ten…
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What I've Learn't From Article Writing
I have been writing articles on Street Articles now for a few months and not only has it enabled me to get my website to number one on Google rankings but I have made friends and found out so much more than I thought possible. So read on if you…
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Learn to Fly Fish – The Fly Fishing Reel
The fly fishing reel is used in conjunction with the fly fishing rod and fly line. It is a lot different than the fixed spool spinning reel as it has less moving parts and sits parallel to the rod where as the fixed spool reel sit perpendicular. The fly reel…
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How To Choose A Fly Line
There are several things to consider when you want to choose a fly line. This guide will explain these and give you more of an insight so the next line you purchase will be ideal for the fly fishing you do. The things to consider are; Target Species Rod Line…
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Tie Fishing Knots - How to Tie on A Fly
How to tie on a fly is probably the most important aspect of fly fishing. We are only as strong as our weakest link and if the knot that holds on the fly is incorrect then we are going to lose not only the fly but the fish that took…
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