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Hi, I recently was paid off from working in a fishing tackle and shooting shop and was having a hard time getting interviews with the current economic climate when a friend showed me an ad for making money with "Internet Marketing". I have to say I was doubtful at first thinking.... "It was too good to be true", "Surely everyone is at it", but I have to admit I was curious. So I started my journey, step by step. I scanned the web searching for advice, after a few weeks I came across The Bum Marketing Technique. where I learned a few things more. From there I joined the Wealthy Affiliate University and later signed up to Street Articles.

It hasn't been easy although I was paid off I landed a six month covering job with another friend and while working during the day I would then sit another few hours at night trying to learn new skills. I should point out that I have an IT back ground and have some skills in web page development, hosting and search engine optimization so the technical stuff is not over whelming but having to learn how to write has been a new experience altogether for me.

As my passion is fishing I decided to work on that niche to share my knowledge and hopefully make new friends along the way. Tight Lines!


How to Set Up Your Fly Line - Learn How to Fly Fish
If you have just purchased a new fly line or are new to fly fishing there are a few things that need to be accomplished so you can begin to catch fish. If you want to know how to set up your fly line then this guide is for you.…
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Fly Fishing Techniques – Un - Matching the Hatch
In my last article I discussed a few techniques in copying local insect life that feeding fish are taking to help increase your chances to land some. Here is another technique that can prove to be a saver on a difficult day when it’s looking like you will blank. So…
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Learn to Fly Fish - The Fly Fishing Line
When starting out in the world of fly fishing you will soon discover that there are more options than you can count and the fly fishing line is no different. There are three main concepts to make up a fly lines properties. These are the taper, the weight and the…
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Dreaming Of New Fishing Destinations
If you are like me you can become bored fishing the same old local river all the time. You know every beat and flow and you can describe the scenery blindfolded. OK there are great days when the catches are good and there are bad days but it's also nice…
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What Flies Should You Take With You
A common question among newbies to fly fishing is what flies should you take with you? This question although short has a large set of parameters to consider before making a selection. Continue to read this article as we discuss these. First off you need to decide on your target…
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Fly Fishing Techniques – Matching the Hatch
There are very many fly fishing techniques and it is an angler’s obsession to understand them all however one method that is a must to learn and will help save the day from being a blank bag is matching the hatch. Matching the hatch is in a nutshell matching the…
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Get Your Article Ranked Fast
So you are an article writer or you have a website and want your blog posts to do well in the search engines. You have done your research and have come up with a low competition keyword which you think will do well. Your keyword has one hundred other sites…
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Sub Atomic Particle Science - What is the Higgs Boson Particle
What is the Higgs boson particle you will have heard about it many times on the news lately and if like me you are not a physicist then does it really matter that the team at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland think that they have found it? Let’s have…
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Discards – Trawler Men’s Dirty Secret
What are discards? I hear you say. Discards are the fish trawling fishing vessels throw over the side of the boat dead back into the seas or oceans when quotas are met and they are not allowed to bring onto shore. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall a tv chef from river cottage fame…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Jun 07, 2012  
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