Marwan Saeed (Street Articles Author)

I am an assistant producer and love self development and evolution, which might explain why I love technology and cars so much! Just getting the jist of how things work to me is insufficient. I love learning more and more. I believe the more you know, the more options you have and the more doors and paths that life has will open for you.

Sure there are times when things are tough, hell, I went through problems in finances and relationship with a bipolar and narcissist that were eating me away. But I kept reading and learning and now I just closed my credit card debts, and got out of that destructive relationship. It was all thanks to the books and the people that I kept listening to and doing what they said so I can start with a fresh and cleaner start.

Jim Rohn once said "What if someone had a problem, and he spent 10 years to find the solution and a proper method to apply that solution, and then wrote a book about it. Then several years later, you get the same problem, and you pick up that book and finish it in 10 days... wouldn't that save you time?!?!"... Thanks Jim Rohn, that line by itself got me to change my perspective about books and courses.

I want to help people get as much as they can from life. Whether that be finances, technology, self development, learning a new language, or simply just becoming a better person, all these areas are worthy for anyone interested to pursue and further develop their own lives and the lives of those they treasure.

Into the World Of Affiliate Marketing
As the years have passed so has the potential to make money. From making money just from work, to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, forex, gold, securities, treasuries, real estate, and now the internet. There are many people making money online – whether it be part-time jobs from sites such as…
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Timidity, the Unseen Affliction
I am surprised that not that many articles and search results that have books or programs to help people to get out of timidity. The major problem with timidity is that alot of people mistake it for humility and think of it more as a virtue and do not see…
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Learning Japanese, With Efficiency And Fun!
The land of the Rising Sun, with history of war and romance that are still being portrayed in numerous japanese manga and anime until today. Japan is a unique country not only in the martial arts and level of respect and honor among their people, but also to the beauty…
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