Mary Janis (Street Articles Author)

Awards and Community Service of Mary E. Janis 2010: Began article writing, affiliate marketing, web design and certified SEO consulting. 2009: Authored a digital E-book entitled Micropropagation of Medicinal Herbs: From the Lab to the Farm – A Primer in Home Tissue Culture 2007: Awarded Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program Producer grant from University of Georgia to diversify production methods of medicinal herb crops with tissue culture. 2006: Awarded Western North Carolina AgOptions grant from NC State University to diversify production methods by tissue culture on new plant varieties and increase agri-tourism with website and catalog advertising. 2006: Served as Secretary on the Board of Director’s for the Clay County Master Gardener’s Association. I served as member 2004 to 2006. I actively participated in the planning and implementation of landscaping of Moss Memorial Library, Hayesville Elementary School Butterfly Garden, the Cherokee Medicinal Garden at the Hayesville Museum, and the Cherokee Edible Garden at Spike Buck Indian Mound in Hayesville, NC. I also helped with fund raising, small business donations and volunteer recruitment. 2005: Awarded Medicinal Herbs for Commerce grant from NC State University to document and publish best germination methods for Chamaelirium luteum for the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center in Fletcher, NC. 2004: Allocated foundation grants and matching funds from NC A&T University to educate local woodland farmers on Shiitake Mushroom production and acquired start-up supplies for 43 farmers. 2003: Assisted in the early planning of the Graham Revitalization Economic Action Team in Robbinsville, NC and solicitation of federal, state and local funding in coalition with the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area. Provided guideline for needs assessment to community leaders. Solicited community donations to provide area merchants with hospitality training seminars. 2003 to 2004: Worked extensively with the Far West Mountain Economic Partners which are a five county coalition to develop, enhance and promote natural, cultural and heritage tourism in the far western North Carolina region. Personally implemented a five county “First Impressions” survey to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of tourism in each county. Results of this survey were published in local newspapers and given to community leaders. This survey was used by many communities as a base guideline needs assessment to begin application process for improvement of tourism efforts in each county. Assisted with written proposals, quarterly reports and fulfillment requirements of grant funding from The Duke Foundation and matching community foundation grants. 2003 to 2005: Worked with Far West Small Farmers Group to organize and raise grant funds for the local Farmers Markets for five counties to receive marketing assistance, sustainable agriculture training seminars, tents and advertising. 2002 to 2005: Held educational seminars on landscaping with native plants and availability of matched funding through the Main Street Beautification program to local community planners. Educated communities and individuals about the importance of using sustainable landscaping for wildlife habitat and gave guidance through the grant proposal and fulfillment. 2000 to 2008 Sanctuary Native Plants, Hayesville, NC and Florence,AL. Owner/grower for a small, seasonal native plant research nursery growing and conducting research of indigenous plants and medicinal botanicals. Responsible for all aspects of propagation, integrated pest management, disease prevention, irrigation, organic fertilization methods, harvest, data collection and summary, outreach, business planning and growth including, but not limited to marketing, sales, accounting, customer service and shipping. I marketed on Ebay and there I carried a 100% positive feedback rating in customer satisfaction
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