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What Is The Difference Between ADD And Adhd?
If you have a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD and have tried to do any research into the subject. I am quite sure you have felt some confusion when you see the terms ADD and ADHD and probably have found yourself wondering if there is a difference between…
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What Causes Adhd: Could It Be Heredity Diet Or Environment?
Despite the fact that ADHD is one of the most common childhood conditions, scientists and medical experts still don't know what causes this condition. Many experts claim that ADHD is related to heredity while other experts claim that diet at least plays a large role. Still, other experts suggest that…
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The Top 5 Difficulties Adults With Adhd May Face In The Workplace
There is little doubt that adults with ADHD often face challenges in the workplace that others do not and with recognizing some of these potential difficulties before starting a job and thinking of ways to mitigate some of those problems in advance may well help you to be more successful…
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Teens And Adhd
The teen years are often a difficult time for both children and adults, but for a teen with ADHD life can seem especially difficult and challenging. While some symptoms for ADHD wane as children get older the challenges of more difficult school work, becoming independent, and attempting their first jobs…
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Treating Adhd In Toddlers
It used to be that no child under the age of 6 or 7 was diagnosed with ADHD or treated with prescription medications for this disorder. Now children as young as 4 are receiving ADHD diagnosis and being placed on heavy duty prescription medications to control and mask the symptoms.…
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How Limiting Certain Activities May Actually Help Your Child Cope Better With Adhd
As parents it is only natural that you would want your child to enjoy as many activities as possible. However, parents who limit certain activities may actually be helping their children cope better with ADHD. Many parents these days are foregoing prescription medications in favor of a more alternative and…
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Can Fish Oil Supplements Make You Smarter?
Various studies done on fish oil supplements have shown that children who have taken these supplements show improvements in reading and maths skills. Different studies on children whose ages ran from toddlers and pre-schoolers to high school students showed that fish oil supplements and fish oil supplements combined with evening…
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