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How to lose weight and eat a lot
Maybe you have a phobic fear of obesity,so you afraid to eat. You ignore breakfast, first meal comes up around noon. Then again a long time nothing and on the evening you tried to catch up everything. The problem is that even if you eaten by a sub-optimal amount of…
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What is Colostrum
The product, which I would like to introduce to you today, prides itself with one of the best reputations among the top nutraceuticals on the market of the 21st century. Many of my friends and acquaintances were raving about this “miracle potion” and swore about its effectiveness. My first experience…
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What is Acidosis, Causes Of Acidosis, Effects Of Acidosis, Acidosis And Weight Loss
What is acidosis In my first article i have showed you the main reason, why could be weight loss so dificult. And now I try to explain you what is acidosis and what is exactly happening in your body, if you eat too much acid foods and acid drinks. Nowadays…
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Ph Weight Loss
Why people fatten and which kind of changes are setting in their organism? About the why, I will not to write about bad lifestyle, because all of you, who have a problem with weight, know that in 90 – 95% behind your overweight is your currently lifestyle. In simple words…
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