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Which To Get: Motorcycle Or Scooter?
Motorcycles and scooters are common vehicles for people who don't want to get a car or can't afford one. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to determine which is best for your needs.Basically the rider is the determining factor in accident probability. If you have…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Nov 01, 2011  
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The No Contact Rule Helps You Regain Sanity Post-breakup
Are you in a situation where you're practically OCD from worrying about the breakup with your ex? No contact is actually the only way to get out of this vicious cycle. Rather than staring at the phone for hours and obsessively waiting for your ex to call - or worse,…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Conflict   Oct 29, 2011  
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The Smuggler Class Highlights In Star Wars The Old Republic
One of the upcoming Star Wars MMORPG classes will be the smuggler. The two specs for this class will be scoundrel and gunslinger, and while the gunslinger is mostly DPS based, the scoundrel will have a lot more healing and support abilities.The basic role of the scoundrel will be a…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Computer Games   Oct 26, 2011  
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Finding the Right Accident Lawyer
When you're looking for a good accident lawyer, here are some things you should consider. First of all, note that the best way to find the right accident lawyer for motorcycles in Phoenix is to go by word of mouth. You should ask anyone you know who has been in…
By:  in  Legal   Oct 23, 2011  
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Liara Tsoni In the Mass Effect Series
The Asari Dr. Liara T'soni is one of the chief companions you will encounter in Mass Effect 1, and into ME 2 if you purchase the DLC pack Lair of the Shadow Broker. An expert in Prothean history and archaelogy, Liara understands a great deal that is necessary for you…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Computer Games   Oct 23, 2011  
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How Mass Effect 2 Differs From the Original
Mass Effect 2 is a much different game than its predecessor. Here are some comparisons between the two game, and why Mass Effect 2 is better overall than Mass Effect 1.1. CombatCombat is different in Mass Effect 2 than in the original game. For example, you don't have to heal…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Computer Games   Oct 22, 2011  
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Dungeon Leveling A Warrior In Wow
An oft-debated topic in WoW now for leveling a warrior - and any class, for that matter - is dungeon leveling. You'll hear about people who love it, and people who hate it. Here are some reasons you might want to use the dungeon finder system to level a warrior…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Computer Games   Oct 22, 2011  
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The Sith Empire Background
One of the featured allegiances of the up and coming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the Sith Empire. Less cut and dried than most people may believe, the Sith's history is actually rich and intricate, hailing back to their initial homeworld of Korriban.In fact, no one knows…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Computer Games   Oct 20, 2011  
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Mass Effect 2 Voice Actors Bring the Game to Life
This game is made so incredibly real and dense because of the Mass Effect 2 voice actors.  They really bring the game to life.  If you ever played games like Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers and you remember the voice cast from there, you'll love ME 2's voice acting.…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Computer Games   Oct 16, 2011  
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3 Cool Mass Effect 2 Vanguard Class Abilities
  The vanguard class is one of the most exciting Mass Effect 2 classes available in the game.  Here's an overview of what abilities to focus on if you choose to play this class. 1. Shockwave This biotic ability sends out a massive blast of energy at your enemies.  Shockwave…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Computer Games   Oct 15, 2011  
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