Mercdes Oestermann van Essen (Street Articles Author)

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a trader, author of several books and trading psychology and a trading coach. She is a regular contributor to Stocksaints and Traderplanet.

She has traded her own account since 2001 and trades both longer term and intra day across a wide variety of markets. She trades commodities, currencies, stocks.

Mercedes is very interested in trading psychology and behavioral finance. She has studied Buddhism and other wisdom traditions as well as energy psychology in depth and developed a unique approach to the psychology of trading, which she shares in her book "The Buddhist Trader" and her in her on-line course for traders and investors.

Mercedes is passionate about helping new traders and experienced traders become successful and happy, traders and lead more fulfilling lives by learning more about themselves and our reality.

In her spare time Mercedes loves gardening, animals, collceting antiques, and cars.

Your Trading Emotions, Foe Or Friend?
Many a myth exists in trading community blogs and articles on trading psychology regarding our trading emotions. By and large the opinions of traders and trading coaches are reflecting long established paradigms which are the result of a predominantly macho oriented world. These old paradigms are becoming outdated though as…
By:  in  Investing  >  Day Trading   Jul 19, 2013  
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Its An Abundant Universe, When Are You Going To Participate?
It never ceases to amaze me how many people believe that the talk of the universe being an abundant place is new age nonsense. The learned truth of working hard to achieve success is paramount in the belief system of the vast majority of people. Wealth consciousness is a trait…
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What Buddhism Can Teach You About Trading And Investing
When it comes to trading and investing, making consistent profits in the markets most intra day traders and many longer term traders are having to face up to the fact that their trading psychology is not as great as they had hoped. It is a well known fact that many…
By:  in  Investing  >  Day Trading   Jul 17, 2013  
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How Spiritual Inquiry Can Help Handle Trading Emotions
It is an irrefutable fact that an understanding of your spirituality and of yourself which obviously includes your trading emotions, are much closer linked than you think. Consider this: Many traders have anger issues. I had them too. In the first years of my trading I used to get really…
By:  in  Investing  >  Day Trading   Jun 18, 2012  
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How Accurately Can You Forecast Market Moves?
The world at large is undergoing a major transition and this is reflected in unprecedented market volatility which is causing many a trader difficulty with their trading systems as their trading emotions get the better of them. Many traders lack the flexibility to go with the flow of the market,…
By:  in  Investing  >  Day Trading   Jun 05, 2012  
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How To Create Inner Happiness, It Is The Key To Your Success
In a recent study carried out amongst people interested in personal development participants were asked if they would like to change their lives. An overwhelming 85 % answered "yes". This study is probably more representative of how most of us feel about our lives than any other study we could…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Achievement   Mar 26, 2012  
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What Is Wealth?
Being able to answer this question is key to defining not only our financial security but our happiness as human beings. The many misunderstandings regarding wealth creation have always led sooner or later to the destruction of wealth throughout history. The biggest misconception is that we measure wealth, creating wealth…
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Are Your Judgements Affecting Your Trading Performance?
As every experienced trader and investor knows good judgement calls are the key to making sound trading decisions and investment decisions. Over the past year or so many traders and investors have had a hard time making money and many hedge fund have lost money last year even though there…
By:  in  Finance   Feb 21, 2012  
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The Deepest Truth About The Spirit Of Ron Paul
As an independent trader and trading psychology coach I have chosen to partake in a world which on the one hand embodies many old world structures while on the other hand pushing the frontiers in an attempt to usher in a new paradigm. Many of us who make our living…
By:  in  Finance   Feb 19, 2012  
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Be Like Water My Friend, It Will Improve Your Trading And Investing
In my life as a trader and trading psychology coach I have come across many seasoned traders who believe that first and foremost they need to work on their trading system to improve trading results. The talk often goes like this: If I could enter the trade a few ticks…
By:  in  Finance   Feb 13, 2012  
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