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I have been searching for a way to earn enough income to quit my cubical job for a long time. Now I have my first grandchild, and have two more arriving soon. My mother needs help, and soon will need more. Family is about to become very needy. It would not take much to replace my income, LOL. What some of us do, trying to make a living, is so mundane! I like writing, so this may provide one avenue to success, which could mean retirement, time with the babies and Mom, and the ability to do things I enjoy but don't get to do any more. I am the one who also does the plumbing, painting, fixing, upgrading and yard work, with a little help from family when they have time. That is another job. But I enjoy it all. Being a grandma is so much fun!

Grandparent Info
Over the last 20 or 30 years there have been many changes to the process of having and caring for babies. If it has been a while since you were involved in that process, you may have a lot to learn. If you try to implement your tried and proven…
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