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My name in Michael, a 45 year old Marine Corp veteran. I was in the service for 8 years, and even made it to war (Desert Storm). Throughout my time, I really enjoyed firing my M16A2 service rifle and my pistol. After taken it apart, putting it back together, and even doing pushup because of it, I learn to appreciate my rifle and all of its inner workings. I was an expert marksman my whole career in the service, something that I was very proud of and really enjoyed going to the rifle range.

I got Honorably Discharged from the Corps and life happened. Marriage, divorce, kids, work, health issues and the whole nine. In the course of that, my involvement into weapons minimized

Fast forward almost twenty years later.


I was introduced to airsoft by chance from a 14 year old and an employee of mine. I haven’t looked back since. I started looking at weapons, ammo, and gear and understanding the relationship between all. I learned that this is serious business. Its like being in war without the bullet hole (although there is always a chance or injury). There are real operations, games, events, and plenty of testosterone. The best part is that it is cheap! (well the games are cheap. Some of the equipment that hit those fields can easily hit 5,000 after upgrades) More on that later. I hope to share my experiences and hopefully teach about ammo, upgrades, equipment, and even do some product reviews.

I would like to also share some of the things I find interesting regarding the sport. My fields are located in Massachusetts, but I am confident as I do my research, most fields are the same so hopefully my information will transcend across all.

I also hope to created an excellent list of all the airsoft fields in the USA so that wherever you may travel, you can get the best experience.

I am not an expert, but a very passionate player, I hope that I can get a least one person to get out on the battlefield!!

Thank you for visiting my page and hopefully we all can learn something.

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