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Wild Weather Hits Japan And the US
Typhoon Talas has dropped a record amount of rain in both the Western and Central parts of Japan just a few hundred miles from the already devastated areas of that nation. In addition to torrential downpours and flooding in vast areas, mudslides have become a major concern as more rain…
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Ft Hood Army Base A Target In Averted Terror Attack
Killeen, Texas police are holding a twenty one year old Army soldier on an outstanding warrant after he went AWOL from his Kentucky based Army post earlier in the month. Now, additional, chilling details are emerging in what was going through the mind of that soldier, Naser Jason Abdo. Abdo,…
By:  in  News and Society   Jul 29, 2011  
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At Least Seven Dead In Spain, Death Toll Feared to Rise
Two earthquakes, including one which had a magnitude of 5.3, rocked parts of Southern Spain, including the town of Lorca, just southwest of the epicenter in Sierra de Tercia. At least seven people are confirmed dead and dozens were injured as buildings fell over, highways cracked and a car tunnel,…
By:  in  News and Society   May 12, 2011  
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DLL Errors-Fix Them For Free With A Step by Step Guide for the Totally Computer Phobic
You know the person: they turn on the computer and then sit there befuddled, bewildered and completely overwhelmed. Maybe you know that person better than you would care to admit. Even if you are not very good with the computer, you probably can recognize when there are problems with your…
By:  in  Computers and Technology  >  Personal Tech   Jan 31, 2011  
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Private Investigator-Employment
In many larger cities across the county, big name companies hire their own private investigation teams for a number of reasons. There are also big private investigation firms that are always looking for their next best, new employee to be a part of their roster. If you think that you…
By:  in  Business   Jan 24, 2011  
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Home Gym Machines -The Best Way to Make the Most Out Of Them
Having a few home gym machines is great, it really is. But, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you buy one. You have to make sure you are setting them up correctly, in a spot that will allow you full range of motion and that…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Fitness Equipment   Jan 21, 2011  
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At Home Business Ideas: Saving You Time, Money and Sanity
Last year, you and your spouse sat down and discussed the family finances. You simply were not going to make it without adding a second income. Your spouse chose to get a second job, leaving you at home with the young children. That experiment did not last long. Then you…
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Cosmetic Skin Surgery: From Permanent Makeup to Scar Removal
When people hear the words “plastic surgery,” they automatically think of breast augmentation, tummy tucks and other bodywork, but cosmetic surgery can be so much more than just that. Skin saving surgeries meant to reduce the amount of hair or pigmentation, reshape the face or reduce wrinkles or scarring are…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Cosmetic Surgery   Dec 14, 2010  
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Dealing With Oily Skin: When Slipping Off of Your Satin Sheets Just Ain’t Sexy
Our skin makes a certain amount of oil to protect itself. This oil is for the most part worn away, wiped away or washed away throughout the day and is no big deal. Then there is the overachieving skin that churns out enough oil to fill a million lamps and…
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Do You Need a Face Lift: When Time is Not on Your Side
A person’s face can reveal a lot about them, including their age. But, there are times when what is revealed is not quite accurate or is more than what a person is comfortable giving away. When facial wrinkles, sagging and deep creases become especially bothersome, it might be time to…
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Sing Like Your Favorite Stars: Studio Music and Belting on the Outerbelt
Many people never hear their favorite singing star sing live. They may see them on a television show,…
Learn Piano Basics: Scales and Chords
Every piano student dreads the scales and chords. They want to learn how to play songs or in some cases,…
Improve Your Piano Techniques: The Best Way to Better Play
Playing piano is no different from anything else in the world. If it is worth doing, it takes hard work.…
Green Technologies: The Wave of What is to Come in the World of Green
We celebrated the very first Earth Day way back in the 1970’s. Back then, green technologies barely…
Make Your Own Fishing Lures: Combinations of Color and Actions That Are Irresistible
If you have spent anytime at all with an avid fisherman or down the tackle section of your local store,…
Green Renovations: Changing The Way We Live One Room at a Time
Eventually even the greatest house in the world gets a little tired, a little dated, a little old. No…
Learning to Fish: Teaching An Old Frog to Jump on Sticks
The old saying goes that if you give a man a fish, he will eat for the day, but if you teach a man to…
Find University Alumni: To Reconnect and For Fund Raising
There comes a time when many people are going to start trying to find university alumni- whether they…
Sustainable Living: Keeping the Recycle Cycle Moving Along
Sustainable living is a fairly easy concept to understand. At its most simple level, it is simply keeping…
How to Go Green: A Brief Guide to Green Living
Going green should not sound like a huge burden, a worrisome chore or a complete drag. It should come…