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I'm currently 25 years young and a Rutgers Alumni. I have worked several jobs in my short life, but my most recent was a health enhancement coach for special needs. I recently moved to Denver, Colorado from NJ.

Welcome to my life, I definitely recommend joining Better Version Of Me Daily for a unique blog experience on health, money and mindset. It will help keep you on track and deliver positive valuable information. My main goal in life is to make the world a better place, the only way I can accomplish this goal is to become a Better Version Of Me Daily and help others grow as well. I pay it forward whenever I can.

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Fish Oil : Why People Take It & Why You Should Too
WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS? That's a great question. If you suggested for me to take fish oil 10 years ago I would have looked at you like you were crazy. Not anymore, within the last few years I discovered how fish oil is an extremely healthy supplement.…
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A Daily Ritual You Must Adopt!
Hello readers! I'm from Better Version of Me Daily which is a growing online community for self-development! The site has these great “Daily Ritual” posts that can really help change your life for the better! Here is a Daily Ritual you should adopt into your life: Upon arising in the…
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