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Hi, I'm Michael, a published author and successful Internet marketer, film maker, and reiki practioner, who has been marketing best selling digital products at DAZ3D since 2000. I have made thousands of dollars online. I am not bragging.

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A 3d Zombie In Hd Can Look So Real That It Can Bite Through Your Computer Screen
3D zombies are just plain fun. They are even more fun when you add them to your live-action movie, and get them to stagger through the apocalyptic streets, eating brains as they go. Yes, they are ugly, mean, stupid, hungry, big, small, tall, strong, and mindless. And they are also…
By:  in  Computers and Technology  >  Software   Oct 20, 2014  
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A 3d Animation Creator Have To Be Complicated To Create Professional Animations?
Did you know that creating 3D animations can be super simple, and not require any skill at all? Did you know you could create cinema quality human animated movement too? And all of this can be done in a 3D animation creator that is intuitive to use, that you can…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Animation   Oct 09, 2014  
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Before Opening Your 3d Animation Studio Go Out And Study The Real Thing, Why?
The best way to create a 3D forest is to look at nature first. Go and visit it. Once you have studied the real thing get yourself a 3D animation studio. I use DAZ Studio 4, or Carrara 8.5. Both work great. But I think Carrara is the superior software.…
By:  in  Computers and Technology  >  Software   Sep 13, 2014  
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How Easy Can 3d Animation Software Be To Create Professional And Realistic Animations?
For me there is nothing as exciting as software that can create professional animations quickly and easily in three dimensions. 3D animation software is easy to find, and can be free. DAZ Studio is one of them. A lot of people use it. Not necessarily because it is free, but…
By:  in  Computers and Technology  >  Software   Sep 04, 2014  
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A Cartoon Character Creator That Turned Me Into A Pro In Minutes
If you want to create your own cartoons it has never been easier. A good cartoon character creator is not hard to find online. The question is, do you want to create 3d cartoons? If this it the case, and I suggest you do because, believe it or not, a…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Animation   Jul 10, 2013  
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What Are The Benefits Of Using 3d Model Libraries To Create Amazing 3d Art?
What is the advantage of 3d content: to instantly be able to create 3d art, animations, and illustrations. 3D model libraries allow fast and easy contraction of 3d scenes, so you can render images, illustrations, and animations, and if you get connected to the right libraries, it will not cost…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Animation   Jul 04, 2013  
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Create An Anime Character That In 3d In Keeping With The Art Form
Anime goes back a along long way. In fact the first Anime was screened in 1917! There is some discussion on the origin of this word, and some believe it is actually inspired by the French. But, unlike other commercial forms of animation, Anime is an art form, and it…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Animation   Jun 26, 2013  
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3d Character Creator That Can Create Any 3d Character For Any Application
If you need to make 3d characters, for whatever it is, perhaps a 3d video game character, or characters for your 3d art, animations, illustrations and videos, or images, I use something that you will probably love. The 3d character creator I'm talking about can make thousands of 3d characters.…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Animation   Jun 14, 2013  
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A 3d Printer Gun is Potentially Deadly, How Dangerous Are 3d Printed Guns?
Guns can be dangerous. Guns that you can print at home can be deadly because you don't need a license for them, and since they are made of plastic they are easy to get through metal detectors. A 3d printer gun can Kill you just the same as a real…
By:  in  Computers and Technology  >  Hardware   Jun 06, 2013  
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To Make Your Own Anime Is Not As Hard Or Expensive As You Might Think
The first thing you will need is the software, the second is the character. But to make your own anime does not have to be expensive. Why? Because you can get the 3d animation software for free, and the basis 3d figure too. The program you need is DAZ Studio…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Animation   Apr 02, 2013  
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