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I have been married for nearly twenty years and have three amazing children! I have also been managing people in different roles for about the same time period. I started my professional career in the luxury hotel industry quite frankly by accident. About six or seven years later I stepped into the mortgage origination business and found my skills of leading people and excellent customer service were just as much of a commodity.

Over the last five years, I have worked for a couple of different companies due to the ever changing landscape of mortgage and credit. I lost my recent VP role with a major bank in late December. Since then, I have been up and down emotionally more than the Empire State Buildings elevators!

I am on a mission to find my passion and earn a living to support my family at the same time - not an easy task, however it certainly is achievable!

Thank you for reading and I wish you all success and happiness in your lives!

Unemployment And Daily Routines
The first week or two feels like vacation when you are unemployed because that type of break from work is not overly uncommon. However, as you head into weeks three and four or months one, two, three, and on......I am finding our routines and habits change. It is not that…
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Unemployment on Self Esteem
As I enter the third month of being unemployed, I am amazed by the emotional roller coaster that my mind and thoughts have put me through. That is right, my mind and my thoughts. Absolutely no one else; not my family, not my friends, nor any third party has told…
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Unemployment Rate
In the challenging global economy that we are in today, being unemployed has taken on a new definition and encompasses an even broader spectrum of laborers and professionals than ever before. What is even more startling is how the unemployment information that is put out for the American people from…
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Unemployed to Self Employed
I have met many individuals who became "self-employed" while they were actually on a stint of being "unemployed." How and why does that happen? I believe if we gave every child an option of working for a company or working for themselves and they were guaranteed success, I believe the…
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