Michaele Hearn-Ali (Street Articles Author)

I am a retired designer living in the Caribbean in the rainforests of Trinidad. With my husband and I it was love at first sight-literally! We have been married for over forty years now and I can tell you any relationship has its ups and downs. Marriage may not be a bed of roses, but life without love is a much worse option. My sister is a MLFC counselor like Randy Bennet and I have seen her bring a ray of hope and happiness into many unhappy lives. Hopefully, I can also be of help to people trying to improve their lives through healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Advice on How to Improve Your Communication Skills to Rekindle Your Love
Do You Find your Loved One is often Hard to Reach? If this is a characteristic of your relationship, you may be headed for trouble. Studies show that poor communication is, perhaps, the biggest predictor of relationship problems. Researcher John Gottman and his team have been able to reliably predict…
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