Michebre (Street Articles Author)

Hello, my name is Michael Breskin. My pen name is Michebre.

I have been a Photographer and Graphics Professional for many years and have built several of my own Graphics Workstations as well as an Animation and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for my Digital Piano.

It is my intent and purpose to pass on tips that I have learned as well as my working knowledge and experience with regard to maintaining a pc, therefore I have created a website, "You Can Fix It Before It Happens!".

This website is geared towards the New and Intermediate user in order to help them prevent making the same mistakes that I made when I first began using computers by continuing to write Step-By-Step tutorials that everyone can easily understand. To learn more please visit my website at youcanfixit.org

Additionally, I would greatly appreciate any input you may have on any of my published articles. Feel free to leave me any feedback or questions and I will get back to you soon.

Thanks for visiting.


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