Michelle S (Street Articles Author)

I am a SAHM (stay at home mom) and I love photography. I have 5 children ranging in ages of 1-13 yrs old, and they are my favorite subjects for my photographs as you will see.

My interests and passions range in subjects from photography to Autism.

I grew up in a large family (by today’s standards) in the Detroit Metro area of Michigan in the 70′s and (YUCK) the 80′s. My first passion of course is my children, but my second passion is taking photo’s of them!

After many years I have finally created a website about what I love to do, Photography.

I am not a professional photographer, I am self taught. I took one black and white 35mm (Yes actual film) class about 10 years ago, and found that I absolutely loved the art. I have read countless articles and books, asked many questions, and experimented a lot with photography, and I want to share what I have learned in a very simplistic way, so that even a very casual photographer will understand and be able to utilize my advice.

Camera Shooting Mode, Simple Explanations
A few months back I asked a few people I knew to tell me what they thought the different features on a camera were, and what the features did. I found that the one thing they got incorrect the most was the settings on the Shooting Mode dial. There are…
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Getting the Perfect Closeup Photo
Your camera is ready, the baby is sleeping, You creep in as close as you can…….The camera is right there, practically touching the baby’s face, your frame is filled with the most beautiful sight……. This is going the be the Perfect Photo! One to rival Anne Geddes! You Snap the…
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Simple Advice for Buying Your First Digital Camera
Thinking of buying a new digital camera? This article is geared towards the casual photographer. Someone who wants a new camera, but isn't concerned with learning all the technical aspects of a digital camera. This is for the average person who takes photos of family, holidays, vacations and just wants…
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Removing the Asperger Diagnosis
I was not aware that this was happening until I received my son’s diagnosis back in March of Autistic Disorder. I had expected a diagnosis of PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) or AS (Asperger Syndrome) since my son is very high functioning. As the Doctor explained the diagnosis, she also explained…
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